The Workshop

In the beautiful Herefordshire countryside we have established our Hand Engraving and Jewellery Workshop. We are traditional jewellers and hand engravers.  Techniques that were used years ago are still used today.  Here is a glimpse of our workshop -

hand engraving benchThis is our hand engraving bench with engraving tools, the microscope is used to hand engrave the finest of detail, useful engraving crests.


hand engraving bench Another hand engraving bench, this one is useful for engraving salvers, trophies or large items


jewellery making benchThe jewellery making bench, this has all of the tools to hand make the jewellery, ring sizing, soldering, bending, cutting, filing.


polishing motor for polishing sterling silver jewelleryThe polishing machine and different mops for polishing and finishing the jewellery. 


ultrasonic cleaner in jewellery workshopFinally the ultrasonic cleaner to wash off the polishing grease  to ensure your jewellery is sparkling and clean.