Handmade Silver Cuff Bangles

Handmade Silver Cuff Bracelets

All of our handmade silver cuff bracelets  are all handcrafted in our workshop.

A lot of time goes into the making process of each and every cuff bracelet.

The making process

  • We know what thickness sterling silver to use with the width of the cuff bracelet to give strength and to ensure that you have a nice sturdy bracelet.


  • The silver is annealed (heated up to soften it, so that we can hammer it into shape), if not annealed the silver would keep springing back when trying to shape.


  • The edges are filed into shape (there are no sharp edges) the whole of the bracelet is then filed and buffed to a smooth finish (even the outside edges).


  • The bracelet is then hammered into shape on a bangle mandrel - by hammering it into shape this then work hardens the bracelet, this makes sure you have a nice sturdy bracelet which will not bend out of shape.


  • After hammering the bracelet, it then requires marks to be buffed out to give a smooth finish.  This is required before polishing otherwise the marks will not come out in polishing.


  • Then it is polishing, we have an industrial size polishing motor which we use to grease and finish the bracelet to a shiny polished finish.


  • The cuff is then ready for stone setting or hand engraving, we will engrave beautiful designs or lettering on the outside and any personalised message is also all Hand Engraved on the inside before a final polish.

As you can see there are a lot of steps to provide a beautiful quality item, beware of others that use thinner sterling silver sheet and using a hand held bangle bending tool, you do not get the same quality with this bangle bending tool and the bracelet is more likely to bend out of shape due to it not being work hardened.

All of our cuffs are also Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office and we are also Assay Assured registered.

We pride ourselves in providing quality items, we do not take any shortcuts in the whole process.  We have over 38 years experience and have a fully equipped workshop.



Here are a few examples of our beautiful handmade cuff bracelets with examples of our traditional hand engraving.