Silver Cuff Bangle Handmade Hand Engraved Celtic Knot Design

Handmade Sterling Silver Cuff Bangle with Hand Engraved Celtic Knot Design

A few months ago we designed a beautiful ladies cuff bangle and hand engraved a flower and leaf design around the outside, this was so popular we have handmade another style cuff bangle, this time with a Celtic knot design.  

Cutting corners off sterling silver handmade cuff bangle

To start with we cut a length of sterling silver to size, this is then sent off to Birmingham Assay Office to be hallmarked.  We then take this to the jewellers bench and cut the corners off with a small hand saw.

At the jewellers bench we then file all four corners off either end to make them nice and smooth when putting the bangle on and off the wrist.  Corners filed off handmade silver cuff bangle
The silver is then polished to give a smooth, shiney finish.  This ensures that when we hand engrave the silver there are no filing or scratch marks.

hand drawn celtic knot design for cuff bangle

The celtic knot design is sketched and then hand drawn on to a piece of tracing paper.  The piece of silver is painted white and the tracing placed onto and scribed through the tracing paper onto the silver.





The bangle is then shaped on a special tool called a bangle mandrel.  After shaping the bangle it is taped around with a wooden mallet to get the final shape.




Bangle shaped on bangle mandrel

Hand Engraving celtic knot design cuff bangle

The bangle is then clamped in the engravers ball vice which can be turned 365 degrees.  The celtic knot design is then hand cut with small gravers, different shape and size ones are used for different depths and styles.


 Watch how we hand engrave the celtic bangle below.