How we Hand Engrave our lettering

Do you wonder why we still use Hand Engraving in an age of computers and technology ?


  • 1. With Hand Engraving Peter actually deeply cuts out the silver (not etched or printed like computerised engraving)


  • 2. Peter has been Hand Engraving for over 35 years, yes I know that makes him sound really old, but experience = quality


  • 3. We have a massive passion for keeping the traditional skill alive, when you compare computerised engraving to traditional hand engraving there is no comparison.


  • 4. Don't confuse engraving with a dremel as traditional hand engraving, the dremel does not deeply cut out like the hand held gravers that Peter uses. The cuts that he does with the gravers are very neat precise lines, every cut is controlled.


  • 5. To become an experienced Hand Engraver takes many years. Many years training and is a wonderful skill.