Handmade Sterling Silver & Copper Hand engraved hawthorn necklace


Copper has been worn since ancient times and has been known to have many health benefits.

Today copper has healing benefits with the minerals from the copper being absorbed into the skin when worn.

Copper is an antibacterial and is known to help with headaches, arthritis and reduce inflammation.

Also excellent for helping to improve your energy levels.

Copper makes a perfect material for jewellery, it really stands out against the colour of silver.

Sterling Silver & Copper Jewellery

Copper is a gorgeous colour, with warm reddish tones, the combination with silver is beautiful.

Copper adds another interest to jewellery and the designs.

We have designed made some beautiful necklaces below creating something a bit different -


Sterling Silver & Copper Hand Engraved Hawthorn Necklace

Handmade Sterling Silver & Copper Hand Engraved Hawthorn Necklace
This beautiful sterling silver necklace has been created in our workshop from solid sterling silver.
A handmade copper flower is riveted on the front and oxidised to give beautiful blue, green colours.
The front of the pendant has been hand engraved with a lovely hawthorn leaf and bud design and then given a textured matt background.
The back of this lovely necklace can be personalised with a message.
Handmade Sterling Silver Holly Leaf Hand Engraved Necklace
handmade sterling silver copper holly leaf hand engraved necklace


This gorgeous necklace has been handcrafted in our workshop.

Handmade from solid sterling silver this necklace is something unique.  Set with 4 cornelian red cabochon stones in sterling silver collets and two beautiful copper leaves.

The leaves have a beautiful scalloped edge and hand engraved veins on the front of the leaves, which have been oxidised on the front to give a depth of colour.  These have been soldered onto the necklace.  The background has been given a hand engraved textured effect.

This beautiful necklace can be personalised on the back with a message of your choice.


I think you will agree, copper and silver are the perfect match for something beautifully different.