Hand Engraved Men's Silver Signet Ring Entwined Monogram Script Initials

 Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Signet Ring

Before we hand engrave the initials onto a signet ring, Peter will hand draw the initials onto the head of the signet ring.  This is not done with a stencil or template, complete free hand drawing.

Hand Drawn Initials on signet ring

By sketching the initials directly onto the signet ring it ensures that the initials fit nicely to the size and space available on the head of the ring.  Especially with entwined initials and monograms this will be done several times to ensure that the flowing initials entwine together.

Hand Engraving the Initials on signet ring

After Peter is happy with the layout of the initials he will start to cut the silver out on the ring entirely by hand.

The advantage of traditional hand engraving is that the silver is deeply cut out with hand held graver tools, the build up of tiny lines cut out, the thick and thin line create a lovely 3d effect to the lettering.

The example in the video is Old English Lettering.  We can hand engrave any style of lettering, we offer 4 styles on our website, Times Bold, Times Italic, Le Griffe and Script.  The script lettering can be entwined or the initials can be engraved separately.  

Our silver signet rings can also be hand engraved inside with your own hidden message.