Baby Bangle Size Guide

Advice and Size Guide for Children's Bangles, Bracelets & Jewellery

Giving a Personalised Baby Bangle or Bracelet can be a beautiful gift to celebrate the birth of a baby, Christening or Birthday and it is important to make sure you order the correct size.

Buying for children can be difficult by age guides as many children and babies vary immensely in shape and size.

We have put together a general size guide but it is always important to measure the child's hand / wrist to ensure that your gift fits.

Measuring a baby hand

How to measure a child's wrist for bracelets

To measure a child's or babies wrist take a piece of string, ribbon or tape measure and wrap it completely around the entire base of the hand, this will give you the circumference of the wrist. This is a useful measurement for bracelets or for bangles when closed.


How to measure for a baby bangle

If you choose an expanding baby bangle or hinged baby bangle with a safety chain you will need the measurement of the hand as the bangle will have to pass over the entire fingers and hand to be placed on the wrist.

To find the circumference of the babies had you will need to measure the largest part of the hand.  By gently tucking the thumb underneath the fingers and wrapping the tape measure, ribbon or string around the entire hand at the base of the thumb, you will then have the circumference of the hand.

Measuring for a baby bangle or bracelet

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Our Personalised Baby Bangles By Size

These are the sizes fully open, once over the hand they can then be adjusted down to the wrist size.

5.5" Circumference

Expanding Sterling Silver Pattern Baby Bangle

Expanding Patterned Teddy Sterling Silver Id Baby Bangle

Expanding Celtic Id Sterling Silver Baby Bangle


5.75" Circumference

6.25" Circumference
6.75" Circumference
7.5" Circumference
The hinged baby bangles open up wider, these have a safety chain.