How we hand engrave inside a silver bangle

Traditional Hand Engraving Inside Bangles

Here is a little video clip on how we hand engrave inside bangles.  As you know we Hand Engrave all of our jewellery and gifts.  It is a traditional method of engraving known as push or hand engraving.  The method involves using small hand held tools to cut the metal out, this ensures nice deep engraving.  
The process of engraving inside a bangle
The letters to be engraved are counted then divided in sections.
The silver is greased so that the lettering can be drawn on.
Top, middle and bottom lines are marked on for the lettering.
The lettering is then marked on the bangle into sections, this may mean writing backwards to ensure that the lettering is equally spaced.
The engraving is started by cutting the straight cuts all in one direction all the way around the bangle.  The bangle is then turned and these cuts are then back cut to ensure that the cuts are all equal depth.
A different cutter is then used to hand engrave the curves, this is done by rolling the wrist and turning the item whilst cutting.
As you can see from the video the cuts are nice and deep and as the silver is removed it ensures nice deep engraving.
sterling silver 6mm plain bangle hand engraved on the inside

Handmade Hand Engraved 6mm Bangle Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Personalised Inside and Outside

You will find a range of engraved silver bangles on our Women's Bangle Page we sell a variety of cuff bracelets, hinged bangles and bracelets which can be personalised on the inside or outside with our traditional hand engraving.