Our Guide Of Bangle Styles

If you are looking for a bangle for yourself or for a loved one, here is a quick guide to the different styles of bangles.

Here at Personalised Silver we have a wide range of personalised bangles which can all be personalised on the inside and some can even be engraved on the outside.


What is a Hinged Bangle ?

A hinged bangle is great for getting over your hand as it opens up with a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other.  Some of our hinged bangles have a safety chain on so if you are thinking of purchasing one of these you have to remember to measure around your hand to see if you will be able to get it one with it fully open.  But if you prefer the look without a safety chain we also sell a range of bangles without the chain to give that contemporary look.

Most of our hinged bangles come in a standard size.

Personalised sterling silver 7mm square edge bangle


What is a Cuff Bangle ?

A cuff bangle, also called a cuff bracelet is a bangle which does not full close on the wrist.  It slips over the wrist with a small gap at the back of the bangle.  This small gap can be adjusted slightly by carefully cupping the outside of the bangle in you hand and gently squeezing to close the gap or by holding either side of the bangle and gently opening up the gap.  This should only need doing once to adjust to the right size.

This type of bangle can be worn low down on the wrist or pushed up higher on the arm.

A cuff bangle can be a large statement piece of jewellery, ours range from 6mm to 2cm wide.

The advantages of a cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets are very popular as they are very easy to wear.  You do not have to worry about squeezing the bangle over the hand and can easily be put on and off the wrist.  They can differ in weight and size.  We have a range of 6mm, 8mm and 1.2cm bracelets in different thicknesses of sterling silver to suit everyone.

hand engraved sterling silver flower cuff bangle

What is a Round Bangle ?

A round bangle is usually either a solid or hollow bangle which is round in shape.  These bangles are a lot larger than the wrist as they need to fit over the hand. For someone who would prefer a tighter fitting bangle a hinged or cuff bangle would be more suitable. These bangles can be different styles from flat silver to twisted silver or even with different charms such a hearts, stars or flowers.

What is a Torque Bangle ? 

A torque bangle is similar to a cuff bangle where the bangle has a gap at the back, this enables you to fit the bangle straight over the wrist rather than over the hand.  These bangles usually have a small ball soldered on the end of each side of the bangle.  These bangles are usually made out round sterling silver.  Here at Personalised Silver our ladies torque bangle has and flat id plate at the front for engraving and a dangling heart which can also be personalised, there is also a detachable end ball which can be unscrewed to enable the charm to be put on and taken off.

What is a Men's Bangle ?

Over the centuries men have worn many pieces of jewellery from amulets, earrings, necklaces, headdresses, brooches or medals.  Jewellery was a large part of Egyptian male lives, the more elaborate the jewellery the wealthy the person was.  Nowadays there are many styles of jewellery that are popular with men. 

A men's bangle comes in different styles, there are men's torque bangles, men's cuff bangles and if you prefer a bracelet instead of a bangle there are many styles of men's silver bracelets using leather, rubber and sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Men's Cuff Bangle


 What is an Engraved Bangle ?

An engraved bangle is a lovely gift which can be a keepsake forever.

Our personalised bangles can be engraved inside or some on the outside with messages, dates, quotes, poems or memorable dates.

We have started to create our own hand engraved designs on the sterling silver 1.2cm wide cuff bangle, we have the lovely flower and leaf design hand engraved around the outside and the hand engraved celtic knot design cuff bangle.  We are looking to expand this range in the future.

sterling silver hand engraved celtic cuff bangle