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Why will Sterling Silver tarnish ?

Sterling silver is also known as 925 silver, this is because it contains 92.5% solid silver purity, the other 7.5% is made up of other alloys which are added to make the silver harder as pure silver is too soft to work with, the other alloys can be made up of zinc, copper or nickel.

925 Sterling Silver will always tarnish over time.  The reaction to the air,  fingerprint marks, cosmetics, detergents or even our sweat can cause blackening or yellowing of the silver.  There is no need to panic this can easily be remedied.

Sterling silver jewellery still remains a very popular alternative to white gold or platinum.

How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing

Household solutions

Keep your silver jewellery away from household cleaning products, corrosion takes place when silver gets into contact with chemicals, salt water or toiletries.  Do not wear your jewellery when cleaning the dishes or having a shower.

do not wash up with silver jewellery on


The sweat on your body can have an effect on your jewellery.   Changes in body chemistry can effect the tarnish.  Perspiration contains sulfur or sulfides and the presence of this accelerates the rate of tarnishing.  Avoid wearing your jewellery in sports activities.

do not wear silver jewellery during sport


How do you clean sterling silver


After use give your piece of jewellery or silverware a wipe over with a soft jewellers cloth or salvet (this is what we use in the jewellery trade), these have a light polishing compound on that will remove very light scratches and take away the finger print marks from the item. 

Alternatively the tarnishing is heavy and your item has yellowed or blackened you can use a silver polishing solution or cream, just make sure that you use a soft cloth to wipe it or some cotton wool as you do not want to scratch the item.


How do you care for silver jewellery ?

If you frequently wear your jewellery you will rarely develop tarnish problems.  

If you intend to not use your piece of jewellery for an amount of time we recommend that you place it in a fabric bag, this will prevent it being exposed to the air or humidity that will cause tarnish.



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