sterling silver hand engraved stag bookmark

Here at Personalised Silver we specialise in Traditional Hand Engraving.

A lot of people do not actually know what is involved in Hand Engraving and think that the process is actually done by a machine or a hand held dremell like tool.

Actually Hand Engraving is a lot more involved than this and requires many years of training to become accomplished in the skill.

What is Hand Engraving ?

Every part of the process of engraving your jewellery item is done by Hand.

Firstly the engraver will mark out the outline of what he would like to engrave.

By outlining it first the engraver can see how the engraving will look and alter anything e.g. entwine the initials more, alter the spacing before making any cuts.

When the engraver is happy, he will start cutting out the silver with small chisel like tools which are called Gravers.

These tools have sharp points and vary in thickness and size so that the engraver can get the depth and shape he requires in each cut.

The engraver then starts making the cuts.  The item is clamped in a bullet which swivels 360 degrees so that the engraver can reach all angles.

It is a very intricate process and you need a very good eye for detail and a steady hand.

When the item has been completed we will polish it to give it that lovely shiney finish.