Sterling Silver Mens Dog Tag Hand Engraved Sagittarius

The History of Military Dog Tags

Originally Romans wore small id tags, on joining they were issued an identity tag, made of lead which was worn around the neck on a piece of string. On the disc was the soldiers name and the legion that they belonged to.

The need of identification tags were needed in the 1860's around the American Civil War where soldiers were writing their name and address on slips and pinning them to clothing in case they fell in battle.

In 1870 the first army to issue troops with dog tags were the Prussians at that time they were called 'recognition tags'.  They wore them in the 1870 Franco Prussian War.  Many countries then chose to follow suit.

The British Army chose to not have tags until 1907 and stayed with identification cards until this point.  The first tag was an aluminium disk hung off a 42" piece of cord and worn around the soldiers neck.  The soldiers number, name, regiment and religious denomination.

In August 1914 the army began to expand and it became apparent that keeping up with production and the expense of aluminium would be too much.  So on the 21st August 1914 a new disk was designed which would then be used for the next 50 years.  Two disks were used one a red/brown and the other green and made out of vulcanised asbestos fibre.  Both disks were worn and in the event of you being killed the red tag was removed and the green one was left with the soldiers body, if there was enough time it was placed in the mouth. 

The British Army now use surgical stainless steel tags, one is on a 24" chain and the other is on a 4.5" chain.  The tags are usually inscribed with service number, blood group, surname, initials and religion.

Modern Dog Tags

Dog Tags have moved over to the fashion industry and have become a very fashionable item to wear.  From the early 1990's they have become very popular, especially with young adults.  These dog tags can have names, emblems, quotes engraved on them.  

Engraved Dogs Tags For Men or Women

There are many styles of dog tags to suit any taste.  All of our solid sterling silver tags are Hand Engraved,  this is deeply cut out by hand, this ensures that your special name, date, message lasts forever.

Engraved Dog Tag Zodiac Signs make a great gift and can be personalised on the back    Sterling Silver Mens Dog Tag Engraved Zodiac Sign

Dog tags are not only for men, they are suitable for women to.  A plain single dog tag with a hidden engraved message on the back or something a bit different  is our Hand Engraved Flower and Leaf Silver Dog Tag.

Sterling silver hand engraved flower dog tag