Hand Engraved Crests

Hand Engraved and Seal Engraved Crests


Heraldry dates back some 800 years ago to the early 12th century, when the knights in Western Europe wore symbols or badges for identification in battle.

These simple, bold and colourful designs, known as armorial bearings, were displayed on flags, shields and garments worn over their armour so that enemies and allies could recognise them on the battlefield.

These armorial bearings were then passed down through generations making them representative of the family and not just the individual.


What is a Coat of Arms ?

The name Coat of Arms goes back to the 12th century when knights wore helmets which completely concealed their faces, this made them unrecognisable to their friends and enemies.  Therefore to overcome this problem they had lions or beasts painted on the knights shields and banners and overtime on their surcoat (a sleeveless garment which went over their armour) which is where the name coat of arms came from.

A coat of arms refers to the shield, crest, helmet, mantling and supporters.

What is a Family Crest ?

A Family Crest usually only refers to the image that is situated on the top of the helmet (the helm).

A coat of arms which bears a name on was originally given to an individual.


Hand Engraved Crest on sterling silver cufflinks

Crest hand engraved on silver cufflinks


champagne labels hand engraved on cufflinks

Champagne labels hand engraved on sterling silver cufflinks


Hand engraved crest on sterling silver square cufflinks

 Hand engraved crest on Sterling Silver Cufflinks 


hand engraved crest on ringhand engraved crest on gold ring

hand engraved crest on 9ct gold ring


hand engraved tiger crest on gold pendant


We Hand Engrave all of our crests and seals. 


If you would like an item Hand Engraved with a Coat of Arms or Crest please contact us info@personalisedsilver.co.uk with your requirements.