St Christopher Necklace Meaning

St Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travellers

St Christopher Necklace

It is said that wearing a Saint Christopher Necklace will bring you good luck and fortune when travelling.

Who Was St Christopher

St Christopher is one of the most popular Catholic Christian Legends, but there is little evidence that he actually existed historically.   According to the Roman martyrology he was known as a giant who devoted his life to carrying travellers across the river. 

The History of the St Christopher Legend

The most common legend says that St Christopher was helping travellers to cross a river and had to carry a child across.  As he was carrying the child, the child seemed extremely heavy.  When they reached the other side of the river the child revealed himself to be the manifestation of the infant Christ. The reason that he had been so heavy was that he himself was carrying the whole weight of the world.

Because of this story St Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travellers, his prayer and assistance is usually given to those undergoing long or dangerous journeys.

When Should I give a St Christopher 

The image of St Christopher either on a necklace or keyring is a popular choice to protect travellers.

For Travellers

All St Christopher jewellery is thought to bring safety, protect and bring good wishes for travellers.  Those embarking on a long trip or holiday would love a St Christopher pendant which could be close to their heart at all times.  To make it even more special a personalised message on the back of the St Christopher from a family member or loved one would be a beautiful gift. 

For Drivers

It is a popular choice to give a St Christopher to say congratulations to a person who has just passed their driving test or to reassure a driver of a safe journey and return.   An ideal choice would be a keyring and adding an engraved message on the back this would always be with the driver whenever they are travelling.

For Children

St Christopher NecklacesA personalised St Christopher pendant is a special gift for babies or children as it symbolises the start of their journey through life.  A christening or baptism gift that will be with them for the rest of their lives.