Hand Engraved Silver Cufflinks

How we Hand Engrave Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The process of hand engraving silver cufflinks starts off the same each time by Peter sketching the initials, we don't use a stencil nor a computer.

All initials are hand sketched onto the cufflink so that they suit the size and shape of the cufflink.  By hand drawing the initials it enables Peter to entwine and layout the initials so that they really flow together, dropping lines, swirling the letters and curves.  Sometimes they will be sketched several times so that the curls and flow are perfect.



A computer program does not work well with spacing or entwining the initials, it seems to have one format which really does not take into the account which initials are being placed together and how they look.  With hand drawing the initials you receive something unique.

After Peter is happy with the placement of the initials he will begin to cut them out of the silver by hand.


Slowly and steadily he will carefully cut the lines out deeply with a hand held graver.

These sharp gravers are all different shapes and sizes to create different styles and depth of lines.

This way of engraving is far superior than machine engraving, by cutting out the initials by hand you create a lovely 3d effect from the thick and thin lines.  Hand Engraved cufflinks are a work of art.

We sell a range of sterling silver engraved cufflinks which can either be hand engraved on the front with initials or a name or on the reverse with initials or date of birth or short message.
New - Handmade Sterling Silver Heart Cufflinks
These gorgeous cufflinks are handcrafted in our workshop and can be personalised with hand engraved initials deeply cut out of the silver to ensure that your personalisation will last forever. Free Engraving on the fronts.
Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Heart Cufflinks Personalised
hand engraved sterling silver cufflinks