Handmade Engraved Silver Cufflinks

Here is a little behind the scenes in our uk jewellery workshop to give you a little insight into how we make our handmade cufflinks.

We have our own jewellery workshop fully equipped with all of the tools to hand engrave and create handmade jewellery.


Here is Peter soldering the sterling silver heart cufflinks with the Smith Little Torch and Oxy-Con Unit ready for the backs to be fitted. 

Cufflinks are either fitted with a chain or a torpedo, the torpedo can be fixed or swivel from side to side to ease getting through the shirt cuff.

On the reverse of the cufflink either a loop to attach the chain or a fitting for a torpedo is soldered on to the cufflink blank.


Handmade Silver Cufflinks

Apart from soldering there are various processes in making handcrafted silver cufflinks.

Filing and buffing the silver to ensure that all marks are removed and giving a lovely smooth surface.

Attaching the torpedo or chain back.

Polishing to a lovely finish, this is why the filing and buffing is important, as if done correctly the polish is the final step to bring a beautiful finish to a piece of jewellery.

Here are a few little clips of Peter creating various cufflinks in our workshop.



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